About Us

Odoll's Aluminium & Glass was establish in 1980 by Mr. Errol Odoll Knight.  The company was first located at Fairfield Cross Road, Black Rock, St. Michael where Mr. Knight started the business from his family home. 

Over the years Odoll's Aluminium grew from being just a reseller and installer to manufaturing and installation.  

In 2009 the company moved from its Fairfield location to its present location at Deacons Road, St. Michael.  Here the company expanded even more and is currently being managed by second generation Mr. Mardol Knight.

Odoll's Aluminium currently manufactures Storefront Doors, Laporte Doors, Aluminium Casement Windows and Shower Doors. We also carry all types of UPVC windows, Impact windows, Glass Handrails, Bifold Doors, Louvre Windows, Roller Shutters, Bahamian and Colonial Shutters.

We are the local distributor for Oran and Meridian Caribbean Products.

We also export to caribbean islands.